Monday, July 20, 2009

Videos Show Building 7's Vertical Collapse


The survival of several video recordings of Building 7's collapse, though of low resolution, allow study of the building's motion and the time of collapse.

Each of the following videos shows the entire visible portion of the building falling with a vertical precision otherwise seen only in controlled demolition. Moreover, they show that the collapse took only about 6.5 seconds from start to finish. That rate of fall is within a second of the time it would take an object to fall from the building's roof with no air resistance.

video broadcast by CBS - 1.4MB - mpeg
This 36-second video shows Building 7 from an elevated vantage point to the distant northeast.
CBS WTC 7 video
video from an NBC news camera - 1.5MB - mpeg
This 9-second video shows the Building 7 collapse from a vantage point about mile to the northeast on West Broadway.
Broadway WTC 7 video
video broadcast on CBS - 1.7MB - mpeg
This 9.6-second video shows the Building 7 collapse from a vantage point only about 1000 feet to the north.
West Street WTC 7 video

Video Credits

Thanks for Krsto Herenda for finding the CBS video, and to plaguepuppy for transcribing it to MPEG.

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