Friday, February 6, 2009

UFO Public Reports in the UK

UFO Reports 1997-2008 in the UK, showing dates and times, location and a brief description of sighting. FOI Publication Scheme Document Details
Author: Air Command
Owner: MOD
Date document created: 16 Feb 06
Date released proactively: 16 Feb 06
Date last updated: 5 Feb 09
Class of Information: What are our priorities and how are we doing
Freedom of Information Organisation area: Armed Forces
Charge: Free of charge
Format: website


  1. i saw this shape in the sky at night in mersea (colchester - essex) i was out partying with some mates and yes i was smoking a bit of weed but my mates weren't and we all saw this from the beach it was jus a thick cloud around the moon and around the moon was a perfect circle with no clouds in it people are telling me its to do with ice crystals but the thing is the circle was hollow on the inside almost like a hole in the sky we were amazed yet carried on then it moved elsewhere as we checked roughly an hour later it was just really spooky if anyone has other pics n info send it to me plz my email is

    thank you ,


  2. it ,might not be a ufo because in a book it says that clouds make an image that leaves an image looking like a ufo

  3. it is too late for hope